Tree Preservation & Protection

At Full Circle Tree & Shrub, we typically view tree removal as a last resort. There are many removal alternatives and preservation & protection options that should be explored before making a final decision on the future of your trees. Some options for preservation include tree cabling and tree bracing

While we often only see trees as being above ground, the root system is the heart and soul of a strong tree. When digging for construction projects, all care should be taken to avoid damaging a tree’s root system. The results of careless digging can be very expensive when you factor in tree removal and landscaping costs.

In this case a plumbing company was working on a septic system and the tree’s root system was damaged so severely the tree had to be removed.


included-barkWe can install cables in your tree’s canopy to help minimize the chance of splitting. Trees with included bark are much more prone to splitting and causing damage or creating a wound that is too large for the tree to heal, resulting in areas of decay and weakening of the tree’s overall support system.

Contact Us if you have questions or concerns regarding your trees and a pending construction project. We gladly offer Consulting, Risk Assessment & Diagnostics Services.