To request a complimentary estimate, please fill out the service quote form and we will contact you when we are in your area. New requests must be submitted via email (not phone or voicemail) in order to ensure contact information is accurate. If you have issues with the form, please email your information to

  • As of 5/13/24, we are booking most new projects about 5-6 weeks out. Small jobs might be able to be worked in sooner, contingent on routing. Plant healthcare is done separately from tree work so is done as weather & schedule permits.
  • If you have a fallen tree that does not require the expertise or skill of an arborist, we recommend reaching out to another company for quicker clean-up. Any storm-damaged tree still standing that needs assessment and/or repair is within our purview.
  • All new planting projects will be considered for 2024-25 Fall/Dormancy installation; plans must be in place by September 1, 2024.
  • Basic tree/shrub recommendations can be included in complimentary estimates but will not include any pricing or research links. See below regarding planting plan fees.

Free estimates are not scheduled as we do not have dedicated sales people. All estimates are done by our owner & certified arborist, Jeff Bergman or our crew foreman/climber/bucket truck operator/arborist, Tim Clifft. Typically it takes 1 day to 2 weeks to receive an estimate & advanced notice is not guaranteed as these are done at our convenience.

To schedule a consultation at a specified time for overall assessment, please note below that you would like to book a specific time/day. Availability is limited as Jeff & Tim work on all job sites, so scheduled estimates require a fee.

  • Scheduled, on-site consultations include a fee based on length of consultation, starting at $100; the fee will be credited towards any work scheduled (not including plant healthcare or new plant installation).
  • There is a non-refundable fee for all planting plans, the cost of which depends on the level of detail required, and covers time to assess your property, research & recommend plants, source/price out plants and plan all the logistics for your project. Base cost is $150.

Please contact our office manager, Meghann, via email with any questions regarding these policies at


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